Entrepreneurship Quiz at IBS Kolkata

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with drudgery, drive and passion.
E-Cell @ IBS K conceptualized the Entrepreneurship Quiz. One of the famous quotes by Peter Drucker says “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes”. Though quiz competitions are often viewed as the pursuit of trivial knowledge, they encourage students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the business environment around them. A must for budding MBAs.

The event was held on the 07th of September 2012.  The Members at E-Cell worked tenuously for the Judgement day & marketed the event with full vigour. The E-Cell members under the overall guidance of Dr. Subir Sen gained consensus about the various rounds to be conducted and designed the entire format of the game and made the stage ready for the participants. The competition was open to both Juniors and Seniors.

Dr. Subir Sen was the quiz master and he conducted the quiz show with great aplomb. With the onset of the 1st round which was the Elimination round there was exuberance participation and fierce competition, it was also deceiving as to who would proceed further. Only one team from the batch of 2014 (Juniors) reached the Stage rounds and this team dominated all the other teams throughout the completion. The Stage rounds comprised of: Who Am I, Slogan Wagon, Corporate Stamp, and Name The Chain.

The Rapid Fire round changed the fortunes for the winning team; they scored 40 points in that round to tally their scores with the team of Class of 2014.To decide upon the winner a tie breaker round was conducted and Garima Gupta and Sreejoyee Mukherjee of Class of 2013 were declared as winners while Supratik Ghosh and Kunal Mehta of Class of 2014 edged to the Runners Up. The Winning team and the Runners up team got Trophy’s and cash prize worth Rs.2500 and Rs.1500 respectively.

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