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Friends, I think you will all agree that nowadays technology has become part of each and everything we do. Sometimes it becomes mandatory but often it is not, and there comes an opportunity to tap in. We should make an effort to include the required applications in our work to simplify it even if it’s not mandatory and finish it with the extra spark needed. For e.g.: MS Excel is used for calculations of array of data. It can be done by calculators like many retail shops still follow but MS Excel facilitates it. Photos will be photos with unlimited memories attached but if it is served with special effects, it will be like the icing on the cake. To remain ahead of your peers and make a mark for yourself you should start today itself to learn these techniques. I would like to name few of them which can help you in your journey ahead in IBS:

  • Microsoft Office Suit (MS EXCEL, MS-Word, Ms-PowerPoint)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Online Applications (Google docs, Google Survey Maker, Google Spreadsheet etc)

You will come across these on a daily basis so do acquaint yourself with these. These instruments make your work look big and organized. Not only used in professional or study related activities it can help you in your personal life as well. Starting from class participation, becoming famous among your friends as well as peers to impress a boy/girl, it has all the merits attached to it. So why not associate yourself to these merits! I think it is like Vodafone dog that goes with you wherever you go and helps you in every possible way. Let’s start learning from the place we lag and blossom in every endeavor we make because
“Lag is not a lack but to remain complacent is”.

P.S. I request my readers to reply here with other such technologies which are helpful and serve as a friend in need as well as deed.

Contributed by Juhi Sheela ( Class of 2013, IBS Hyderabad)

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