Digital Youth Ambassador, IBS Pune

With the pandemic bringing the most uncertain of times and situations this past year and even still, everybody knows that the education industry has suffered the most catastrophic of trends of unpredictability.

The Education industry had to go through a lot of turmoil but even during all this some institutions held the baton and continued to provide the education that the country needed at an hour like this and still give all the students what they needed.

One such institution will always be ICFAI Business School Pune. The college not only provided seamless education programs for all the students throughout the country but also made the process of getting selected for their programs extremely student friendly.

During February 2021 the college held a nation wide selection process for all its branches and provided all the candidates a really easy to access and the smoothest process an institution could provide. They first held the all nation wide entrance exam called IBSAT then the selected students with good scores got to attend the interview process that too on an online video conferencing platform.

The institution really provided a comfortable experience for the whole slew of students and proved that when great minds come together anything and everything can be made possible even in the toughest of times, especially then.

Even now, attending sessions through the college’s Digital Board called Quicforce has been really an experience of its own. Never before had I witnessed such wonderful education being provided that too at the Post – Graduate level with such ease and pliability.

Pranav Agarwal
IBS Online Selection Process Blog
Batch of 2021-23

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