“The Customer is always right”

The Market is a sole worshiper of the (GOD) Customer. The trend, demand, supply, depletion, profitability of a company or the sway of the market completely depends or is solely shouldered by a customer’s mindset.

Therefore from launching of a minute pin to the recent launch of Agni-V everything is test run to forecast the future of the item.If it earns applauses it is introduced or else gets vanished.

Hence Customerization is taken up by companies as a marketing tool to retain the customers in a competitive market.

“Designing a product according to the customers’/individual’s requirement” is called customerization. Though the whole concept needs a lot of sweat but the only boost for this is customer’s satisfaction. “Idea is yours but product is from customers end”.

This concept or strategy of customerization can even be found in the fruit juice seller’s counter where he allows his customer to have the combination of his own choice, example: X-needs Apple +Orange whereas Y-needs Pineapple +Grapes…

By this above strategy the company has got a boost in their sales. It is an effective tool to measure the customer’s preference and value. No need to know the personal information of the customer just good feature of your product + good website would raise you to the ladder of success.

Remember: “The secret of success is consistency of purpose.” –Benjamin Disraeli

Contributed by Trishagni Sen ( Class of 2014, IBS Hyderabad)

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