The demographics of today’s generation are racing at a speed as that of a rocket into the space.  The amount of shopping than an average person does is more than his needs and requirements. The reasons for this being the wide variety of choices, higher pay among people and higher standard of living. With such advent the frequency of people visiting stores has increased (though the race for online shopping is quickly taking a pace ahead)

Shopping in the olden days used to be limited to the need s and requirements or carried on only during festivals and occasions. People used to carry their own bags so that they need not depend on the shopkeepers to provide them with their carriers. With times changing people believed that carrying cloth bags or rather jute bags in their hands while shopping would make them feel low or decrease their levels of attitude.

The recent law introduced wherein the shopkeepers charge for plastic bags from public (as seen in stores and malls) in most of the cities is followed thoroughly. It was an action to curb people from excessive use of plastic bags and clogging the environment. However ever wondered how much is the amount that is charged for such plastic bags. In comparison to the amount of shopping paying 5 or 10 rupees for each of the bag it really does not burn a hole in the pocket.

The stores and shop owners should instead support the environment in other ways. By charging for the plastic bags the storekeepers do not really think of well being of the environment. Rather they should provide jute and cloth bags for the purchases made by the customers. Paying a little higher for such bags may not seem feasible all the time for the customers. This will make customers’ realize that they need to carry their own bags (preferably cotton/jute) and also the stores will build a stronger and eco friendly environment.

If such interests are considered well by everyone even with a small initiative it will create a bigger impact on the society. It goes well by saying-

Carrying a plastic in hand will make no human great

An eco friendly gesture will positively change your fate.

Contributed by Anju Bafna (Batch 2010, IBS Bangalore)

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