Business A Stunt

There are a lot of similarities between a business and performing any stunt. Well as the earlier business men are considered as the serious ones and having no coincidence with the outer world like stunts etc. They consider it the work of foolish and immature people but whether they agree or not in any way they are performing a stunt only.

Well this is the Theory Given by me.

“Business is a pure form of stunt.”

As all of us know the stunts men are always known as the crazy guys and beyond the world but the same are the businessmen.

Now to prove the statement mentioned above there are some facts and similarities in business as well as stunts.

Basis Of Similarities Business Stunts
Man who performs Businessmen or the smart people Stunt men or the craziest smart people
Capital May be building, machinery etc. Bike, car, or even their own bodies.
Idea Comes from market in form of pre-existing firms or any new innovations as they are genius. Comes from either the earlier performed stunts or a completely new stunt as they are crazy.
Power Fuel, electricity and personal efforts  etc. Fuel and personal efforts and sometimes electricity as well
Consequences If they fail, they don’t just lose their earning but others earnings and lives as well. If they fail may result in a life time inability or even death.
The safe side Can be taken as doing partnerships or insurance but still it cannot be covered fully as when the loss happens you have to bear some of it. Can be taken by using various safety gadgets but still when you fall something will be damaged and if you are insured lesser chance to pay.
Consequences of Safety measures Safety measures as partnerships can help you protect but they also make the process slow as decision making becomes a long process. As you use safety gadgets it decreases the flexibility and as more and more you use it the possibility to perform the stunt perfectly decreases.
Maximum Destruction The last recession in the whole world is the best example of a business accident. No one knows how much loss the world suffered and how many people committed suicide due to the financial crisis. Where as in stunting there can’t be anything bigger than 2 Mig plane colliding together in a British Air Show stunt. The approximate damage to the property was 300 crores and both the pilots survived.

So I think now the point is pretty clear that the consequences of Business Adventure are far more serious than the stunts. Hence to conclude, the businessmen have to be extremely vigilant and trained to fulfil their roles. The mishaps in business settings not only are harmful to the leaders but for all the related parties. So this famous line should be there outside every corporate office rather than stunting places and shows:

The Stunts Performed Here Are by Experts Please Don’t Try This.”

Contributed by Naveen Kumar Singh ( Class of 2014, IBS Pune)

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