Blossoming Backyard

International Placements: These two words can cause a lot of excitement in any student aspiring for an MBA degree. The chance to secure a job in a foreign country and start a life there is a very attractive proposition while job-hunting. Starting from higher salaries, better standard of living, opportunity to travel etc there are many reasons why people choose a job offer abroad.

Brain Drain was a serious concern for a country like India but recent statistics reveal a slightly different story. The Indians who have gone abroad in the past few decades and started families are slowly moving back to India. This phenomenon is attributed to the various opportunities that are sprouting up in our country. Gone are the days when people used to move to the ‘land of opportunity’ and try to realize their own version of the ‘American dream’. India, along with few other nations has announced its arrival to the developed world. With Indian firms consistently usurping their global competition, the time has come to realize the potential of a country like ours.

Ironic as it may seem, while hoards of entrepreneurs flock to India looking for an opportunity to start something big, our very own students are more worried about international placements. As a market, the potential for growth in India is extraordinary. The mindsets of our students however are almost ordinary. Moving to a developed country and working a 9 to 5 job was a good option two decades ago. The infrastructure and growth potential of our nation was mediocre at that point of time. Presently India is touted to become a superpower in the next couple of decades! The reason why NRI’s and their children are moving back to India is because in terms of opportunity, we are scaling great heights as a nation. A booming economy with diverse cultures in each state along with a population to match is our USP right now.

As long as students are concerned, there are the ones who don’t want to leave their homeland and there are the others who are aching to go elsewhere and seek fortunes. This article is meant for the latter bunch and all I intend to say is that, if its fortunes you are after, no better place to start than your own blossoming backyard.

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