How an MBA has changed my life ?

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MBA has come out like a silver lining for me. After putting my heart and soul in engineering, I found the software jobs too ‘geeky’ for me. I searched for many options to pursue my masters in. After all my soul searching and guidance from my mentors, I decided to pursue MBA. This decision pulled my heart and head in different directions as I was unsure of my knowledge for commerce subjects but I kept self-confidence intact and I was very motivated.

I could foresee the kind of jobs that MBA can offer. I started looking out for colleges and universities with their respective exams.  After putting in all the efforts and knowledge, I took admission into IBS Gurgaon.  The entire PGPM program was very promising, I soon realized I was amidst talented individuals who are ambitious and aspire to be successful in their life. They were so enthusiastic and had so many ideas in them.

I entered the program with both trepidation and excitement. It was an overwhelming experience for me. From the first class we were taught to work as a team and to be a good team player. The classroom knowledge at IBS has provided good groundwork for me to pursue a management career. My projects and internships taught me about the real world of business and about its people and challenges. Together they transformed me from a technical engineer into a marketable and people- minded manager who can look into a broader picture.

The case-study model assisted me to think as a top management team trying to solve company’s problems in the real world. The class participation helped me to be more vocal about my ideas and opinions. IBS faculties are at par with other colleges like FORE and MDI as their knowledge is commendable. My entire experience gave a direction to my career as I soon realized my strengths and weaknesses. I liked the idea of presenting projects in each subject in every semester. MBA has a lot of variety in it. It grooms you completely in every way. Be it your soft skills or hard skills.

The major challenges which I faced in MBA were in terms of subjects which were new for me as I was from an engineering background. Yet I took help of my peers and learned a lot from them. It was great learning in a group of different people who had different cultures, mindset and backgrounds.  Each subject helped me gain a better understanding of micro as well as macro concepts, such as how a company works, extending to how a country works. I passed all my exams with good marks and I was even more motivated and driven. I felt confident as my faculties inspired me to achieve everything I dreamt of.

My MBA journey doesn’t end with this. I was a member of Student Council as well in my college which helped me discover hidden qualities in me. For instance, when I was the head of the HR club, we worked for HR Club named Ethnos. Together as a team we organized many events at our annual fest. It gives a great sense of achievement when you organize an event and it is successful. With each passing mile stone I gained a lot of confidence in me and groomed myself in every aspect. I gained immense knowledge which showed me the world when initially I felt as if I was living in a shell.

When we had to choose our specialization, I chose to pursue marketing since I found it very interesting and within the realm of my strengths. It has provided me immense knowledge of various companies and their marketing strategies. It gives you ample exposure to today’s world and trends.  Brand management was my favourite subject and the way we used to study made it more interesting. During the course of my MBA I accomplished projects which involved meeting new people, leaning from their experience and gaining through sharing. Marketing subjects were most interesting and required a creative eye to look at things which were happening around.

During my summer internship with Ambuja Cements, a leading cement manufacturing company, I got to know that my MBA education is very well applicable in corporate world in a practical manner.  A lot of time people do say whatever you learn theoretically is not applicable but I found otherwise. You learn and you implement. I understood their marketing and sales strategies with concepts I learned in my classes.

For my placement season we were well guided by our faculty through mock interviews, group discussions and aptitude. They trained us in every manner so that we excel in interviews of our dream companies. Each session included a fair feedback from faculty members which showed an actual mirror of my strengths and weakness. They polished me to shine brighter in corporate world. They taught us every aspect of corporate world.

Soon placement season began with great enthusiasm and vigour. I was so glad to get into HCL technologies as it was exactly what I wanted. In the final days of my MBA, I learned how much I have gained through this entire program. I got to know many knowledgeable people around me, learned from their experiences at work.

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So overall, I have had two hectic and intense years during which I learned a great amount of knowledge. I had a stable career path and I saw an incredible change in my personality. Along with all these, I built a substantially strong network and close friendships.

I found my decision to be fruitful and worthy of all my efforts. I would not be that happy if I would have chosen any other career option. I feel content and thankful to my college and faculty members for their constant support and guidance and for making me a better person overall.

Now, I am a different and a better person. You always have a scope of evolving yourself and MBA has done that for me.  Today I am working with HCL Technologies as a loyal employee dedicated towards my work and soon will climb up the ranks of corporate hierarchy.  For all who are looking at MBA as an option for post graduation degree, it will make you more dynamic, driven and focused. You will develop a positive attitude and it will broaden your horizon of thinking. It will help you in networking, people management and may help you in starting up your own business.

In MBA, you will gain ample knowledge of what it takes to make companies work and how to identify great business ideas. It will give you a real world scenario and experience. You will be more competitive to face new challenges in companies. If you dream big and aspire to sore high, then MBA will give you wings!

Contributed by Sonali Jain ( Class of 2012-2014, IBS GURGAON )

3 thoughts on “How an MBA has changed my life ?

  1. how about the placements??…
    as mdi is far better and reputed in gurgain… do some companies still prefer coming and recruiting ibs gurgaon students….

  2. IBS has good placements , Many companies prefer to come to IBS. IBS students are placed in renowned MNC’s. Moreover If you want to pursue MBA it requires a huge investment and as far as IBS is concerned it gives you good ROI (Return on investment). MDI has different approach towards course and curriculum. IBS stand out with our case based methodology and techniques.

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