All You Need Is To Be Motivated!

Have a hunger for knowledge and arms wide spread for challenging experience? Then IBS Bangalore is the best college to fit in. No more long lectures, no more text book by-hearting … read, learn, talk and explore yourself!

It was during one of those free times during UG life that I came to know about IBS Bangalore. And let me be frank; it was a sudden decision to choose IBS for my Post Graduation. And now completing the first semester in IBS I pat myself on my back for that sudden decision I made. As a person who has completed graduation in Visual Communication and aspires to have a career in the field of marketing, I would say IBS is the best platform for management studies.

What is it that makes IBS special? I would say it is the motivating and inspiring college environment. Once you are inside the college, from the Director to the security staff, everyone instigates and motivates you. (This is not an exaggeration … we do have security staff like that!) I was in fact longing for something different, other than long ‘one man show lectures’ by the teachers and endless assignments; and I wished for things were really different here. The college welcomed us with a DJ night, followed by various cultural, sports and management fests and Entrepreneur Cell programs. By that time, everybody was adapting to the college environment and was ready for a new learning experience; and the excellent set of our faculty members were ready to facilitate this. Classes in IBS are not long lectures. They are a platform for discussions and across-the-board learning. In addition to this, guest lectures and workshops are conducted, which help us in knowing the industry better.

The list of people who motivate me does not end with faculties and guest faculties. Batch-mates who are “divided by culture and united by IBS”( as we call it!) play a coal and ice role in my IBS life. To put it in simple terms, I am motivated by IBS … I am inspired by the IBS life and I am sure IBS can make me a successful marketing manager! That is the confidence the college has developed in me.

Contributed by Arathi K V (Batch 2014, IBS Bangalore)

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