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Here are some important points from the video for your reference:“The illiterate of the future are not those that cannot read or write… They are those that cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn…”The practice of management today is more challenging than at any time in the past.The challenge before business schools today is to create managers who can function in this competitive, volatile and global business setting.
IBS Business School produces the business leaders of tomorrow……with the right blend of domain skills and personal qualities, to succeed in such an environment.
Our faculty have a rich blend of academic and industrial experience
“Most of the faculty here are supposed to be the best in the industry. Their approach to make us understand the concepts is different. They have the extensive knowledge about the industry and the experience, which makes it easier for us to understand the concepts better.”
The programs at IBS offer the latest body of knowledge, and the curriculum is updated every year.The institute consults extensively with academic and industry experts in developing the curriculum, to ensure that it is relevant and contemporary.
“I find that the unique curriculum at IBS , is being updated continually with the speed of work changes in the industry.”
IBS is a champion and pioneer of the case-study methodology.Management case studies allow students to apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to real-life business situations and problems.At IBS, we have a large collection of cases in all areas of management. These cases deal with Indian and international business situations, and are a mix of cases developed by our own faculty and cases we have procured from the Harvard Business Review.
“I am from ECCH, we are placed to Stamford University in the United Kingdom and we are the largest single depository of cases that is there in the world.  IBS Hyderabad have always been a good contributor of cases to the ECCH collection and in fact we are quite pleased to say that IBS Hyderabad won two case awards this year in the HR category and also in the Finance category.”  
“My name is Scotts Andrews.  It’s been wonderful experience to see the different resources and facilities available here. Clearly there is very strong resource space here that makes IBS Hyderabad very good place for this country to be launching platform for its case writers for the future.”
Over the past 16 years, IBS had developed a strong placement network in all the important sectors of the Indian economy.  Almost all the leading companies in India come to IBS for campus placements.The placement activities at each campus are coordinated by dedicated Career Management Centers.
“Our MBA journey started about 4 years back and since then ICFAI has been one of the preferred Institute ever our strong relationship for ICFAI and track record of he students and we also consistently increasing the hire from ICFAI over past 4 years.”
“Ford has made a strategic decision to grow in India. We had hired couple of students from ICFAI Business School.  We were very impressed with their abilities and performance. When we hire people we look for excellent analytical skills, very good communication skills and good ethics and integrity in them.  I am pleased to say that we found all of these qualities in the candidates that we hired from ICFAI Business School and we have been very happy with their performance.”
“Actually we have being here since I think this is now third or fourth year. I think it is quite an endorsement for the quality of education that is obviously imparted in the Institute.  I think that its been grueling two days because of quality of students is such that we are finding it very difficult to be able to decide who we have to eliminate in the whole process. I think they are going to make a substantial difference in the industry when they get into their carriers thereafter.”
Over the span of 18 years, IBS has developed extensive links with the industry, establishing and maintaining strong relationships with corporate leaders and organizations.
A network of around 30000 Alumni, who now occupy middle and senior level positions in 900+ blue-chip companies around the world, plays an important role in the growth of IBS, by ensuring close interaction between IBS students and industry.
“IBS Business School ensures today that strong alumni network stays in touch with one another as well as with the industry. The network is a bridge today for the industry and the academy and we are able to bring the work place experiences to our juniors. “
The ‘IBS Alumni Federation’ ensures that these alumni remain in touch with each other, and with their alma mater.
“The experience at IBS was really enriching with regard to the exposure that it gave to me.  There are so many people understanding them knowing them and having different experiences.  The faculties that we have here I am on the best that I have come across through my entire education people that I meet I really find difference in myself with regard to the quality of education that I have had and possibly today what I am and the impact that I have had with my work with the places where I go is really different only because I was here at IBS.”
Students also participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities like social events, cultural shows and community service projects.
“The campus life in IBS has been really amazing.  There are so many student clubs and activities right from advertising all the way up till social activities clubs like yes we have conferences, we have workshops, we have entrepreneurship weeks, we have so many festivals being celebrated that life is almost completely brilliant and fulfilling over here.”
“I want to talk about cultural diversity that is present here at IBS.  We all want to talk about how to meet new people and see diverse culture but at IBS that is already existing strata of people from different parts of the world parts of India and this becomes amazing experience to actually meet all these people.”
“This is what IBS lets you do, it lets you think, it lets you create, it lets you to manage it lets you lead and finally it lets you challenge.”
Your education at IBS will inspire, challenge and motivate you.When you join IBS, both personally and professionally you’ll be taking your first steps towards a truly enriching and rewarding experience – an experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life.
Welcome To IBS Business School Selection Process:The selection process is conducted for admission to MBA program of :

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Most of the students pursuing programs at IBS Business School have financed their education through educational loans from various public sector and private sector banks.  IBS Business School has an arrangement with HDFC Bank and Credila Financial Services for providing educational loans to students.IBS Business School has a financial aid facilitation cell to provide advice and assistance to candidates in securing educational loans.  In case you have any questions about financing your education, please contact our financial aid facilitation cell on Ph: 91-40-2344 0963 or email at finaidcell@ibsindia.org.
Finally In case you have any queries about the programs and selection process of IBS Business School, you may contact IBS Admission Office on Tel: 91-40-2344 0963 or email at ibsat@ibsindia.org.


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