A Dedication to the Tunnel, IBS Amidst Commotion

The eyes in me never saw you in solitude. I never walked the moments when you were in isolation. You were incessantly filled with different hearts piercing into their deepest instincts. The trembling and the firm feet were walking in aloof and never knew that you stuck by those deepest instincts. You carried them towards oblivion, you ushered them into the world of ambiguous management and you distracted them for life. Of course these years of fakeness accumulate around you, can be seen in your overstepped tiles in red and not red. Useless words, the enormous voices and the ambivalence of pathetic and yet pumping hearts are the first things you look for under your sunless roof in every sunshine morning imbibing the Jurassic park. Fortunately you don’t know that you will experience the betrayal when these foolish people make merry the time they bid adieu this untold conversation with you. They might never know you were a stranger in disguise. They even might not remember those footsteps. And they will never recollect your untouched presence and aching touch.

Time goes by; it passes. For you this merciless time will make no amends and leave you for different footsteps of slander and ungratefulness. My dear friend you will never find the form that is an expression of your innermost desires and aspirations. Remember, every morning you will be consulted for denigration and for all the nights you will be quit as an abject failure for an abyss of nothingness. You will be ripped in their stink. The trees around you will grow old, the air engulfing you will get thicker and for your own stoned heart you will become an insufferable bore. There aint even a blink of a moment of love, truth and understanding tipped for you and yet you big hearted scoundrel spreads like the unconditioned mother.

Your silence has been destroyed. Hopeless books, wasted papers, meaningless placards, disgusting music that lost its essence in heartless I-pods, never so worthy mobile phones, objective less laptops, and the world of non sense pierce through you, in your constant awareness, bidirectional. Don’t question them you eternally blessed fool. They are too quick to revere your pain. They will walk away and leave your paper blank. They won’t even spill the ink. Their hands won’t ache. I have spied with the armor of my eyes and have seen a dull beginning and a flamed end. The window in my room, the balcony outside it has witnessed your grief. But the feet will churn you and I neither am any good of a friend. You blathering nincompoop, every heart will wake against you.

My eyes will again open to a new day and I will walk through you in another morning light, the dark leaves still by your side. You probably would have gulped the yesterday’s tormented blood and made those chatter like an old man tiles firm again for another tourney of atrocity. You fool of the first water, how in this world could you?

You think to yourself: get the hell out of here, get out quick and don’t look back.   

Contributed by Mohd Haris Bhat ( Class of 2012, IBS Hyderabad)

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