A Ballad on Social Media

This day. This age.

We’re together, yet we’re separate.

Always in search of ‘Likes’, so elusive

Amidst inane requests to ‘Share’

The trend hunters scout, and spot the infant fads

To be noticed and lauded for another week, day, or hour at the max

Creativity spawns more content, while the network displaces the distant

This day. This Age.

The cloak of anonymity, suddenly so treasured

As the permanence of data starts to surface.

Oblivious, we carry on, scrolling through what we’ve been fed.

Entertain us! Mesmerize us!

And we shall protest, because we can.

Let us revolt! Till we find another reason to stand

Our agitation is momentary, whereas our frustration seems perennial

We scorn upon censorship, and report abuse on anything objectionable

Let us comment! Let us debate!

Clicks and keystrokes define our day, a bleak existence did you say?

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