Innovation: the solution to all swords

Each and every one of us is a result of four billion years of evolutionary success; still many of us die as copies of others.

Have you ever thought why is there not an Einstein within you or for that matter an Aryabhatta of the modern age? Why is it so that you are not able to give the society something that has not been given by anyone else?

When many of us run around finding magic swords to turn the world upside down in a single day, surprisingly there are some flip side thinkers that bring the anti-conventional yet the best solutions. How many of us know the fact that Mr. Ratan Tata started his career on a steel shop floor, Mr.Sunil Bharti MIttal started his career going around on a scooter at the age of 18 selling telephones. In the world where we all are fiercely fighting the battle royal of Entrepreneurs, infectious impatience is what is driving the market, the marketers are constantly on the move trying to find the next big fix, being conventional is almost equal to being nobody. It’s time to unleash the inner innovator, differentiate from others to make an identity. The world is all gates with endless opportunities its time to explore. We are living in a world where we have thousand’s chasing us and many on the wait to copy and rip apart the concepts. Give it a thought: is it not true that many desire your failure intern to gain success. It’s those who think beyond the conventional to innovate, feel the sensations and pass the adrenalin with a gush, generally win the battle.

Then comes up the main question how do we do it?

Creativity is learnt throughout the life, it’s about those who can join the threads together in a proper manner to build a shelter. In the running world where we maximize the process of repetition rather than improvising we all come down under the same umbrella. Most of us go to the same workplaces use the same process, design the same charts, and perform the same task and finish up the day: we never tried to find what could have been a better way to sort the task. The process of exclusion becomes more prominent than the process of inclusion. So the main task of innovation is ripping apart the fruit to gain knowledge, act like a child, we should be completely open to expand the learning curve. It’s these experiences only that form a sound base of brainstorming when we innovate. If replicas were to win the battle, age would have been the only key to success. Innovation lies in hands of those who can mix and match the unorthodox, think like a newly born kid and those willing to open the prisons of their mind for ideas to flow in.

In the modern era where individuals have transformed into groups, where personal goals have become secondary to organisation goals, creating a mark has become very important. It’s about those who have the competency to match the organisational chemistry, are the one’s calling the final shots. Most of the individuals are defined to operate in two modes: open and close. It’s the basic combination of democratic and autocratic rule respectively. The ones in the closed act like a tunnel pass and pass feel no change, while the open act like skies: no boundaries.

The great Mr. Steve Jobs “Innovation Distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

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