Experience of Selection process at IBS

anju bafnaEvery positive step taken towards our goal derives success. One such important step is getting selected in the choice of our institution / organization etc. Every institution requires students who wish to progress profusely in their career. Selection is a process that involves various steps prior and ahead of it. Therefore it is important to set up a goal that is realistic and achievable based on our interests. Our goal is set from the time our learning begins. MBA is a step ahead that helps us make that goal realistic by providing us with detailed insights on how it is working in organizational environment.

Experience of my selection at IBS was a unique one as I had been preparing myself based on the requisites. I had my goal fixed to do MBA after my college and started my preparations accordingly. I made the decision to join IBS and after giving the entrance exams for the same started looking forward on the next process i.e. selection. Group discussion, talk on a topic and personal interview were the three phases that took place for selection.

Group discussion could be challenging as well as a platform to get our confidence and knowledge to get noticed. For beginners or those who are not comfortable to speak in front of a group may pose this session as difficult. I was one such person who found it difficult to speak in front of numerous people. I took this up as a challenge and started preparing for the same ahead of time. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Getting mentally prepared: The first step is to get yourself mentally prepared to become a part of the GD. One needs to gear up to become a part of the group and be as confident as others. Even if you have just one or two points to share, do it with enthusiasm and passion so that you get noticed and your points are validated.
  • Conceptual Knowledge: Next step is to being aware of all the happenings in every sphere like political, business, international news etc. It is important to update with the current as well as the past news so that we have a basic knowledge on various major events that occurred during the course of time. One should understand the event and ascertain the consequences and analyze the issue based on an intellectual level.
  • Ethics: Ethics are the basic values each one of us needs to follow in every scenario. In many cases, one or two people just rule over the group and do not let others speak. Each one gets a chance to speak. Therefore when you are given a minute or two to prepare before the discussion starts, pile up the points and if possible begin the discussion with them. The one who puts the first point has a higher advantage. Also make valid points and stick to what you say. Do not manipulate the original said points and also never start fighting. Being aggressive seems a negative attitude.

The second part of the selection process was talking on a topic for a couple of minutes. IBS had provided a list of topics and one is required to choose one among them and speak on it. I went through the topics given and chose the one which interested me and would interest the audience. Choosing a topic which one could be able to speak confidently will help in speaking flawlessly too.

While choosing the topic it is important to ponder on the ones which makes one know he/she has little knowledge on it. Shortlist the topics accordingly and make a list. Finally after choosing the final topic, list down the points I wrote down the points I knew on it. I researched it over the internet and other publications. Also I discussed it with my friends to get varied points on the topic.

The most important moment comes when one has to speak in front of the other speakers and the professor who would assess. I was sure of what I had to speak and made my points clear, so that it does not create any confusion in the minds of the listener. Also choosing such points which provide newer information is preferable over what has already been heard by and large. Addressing each listener, standing in the right posture and speaking confidently are key factors for a perfect speech delivery.

The last step of the selection process is personal interview. This step would seem to be the most difficult part and one tends to get nervous. The main reason for getting nervous is because we do not know what we would be asked and secondly who would be interviewing us. Having experienced this situation I have known that is a calm and poised process. There are a few things that need to be done before attending the interview.

  • Building confidence: Even before we start answering verbally to a question, our body language speaks a lot. Therefore even before we start building our knowledge we should build our confidence. In order to do this, stand in front of the mirror and assess the posture and body language. Secondly, analyze the language and fluency of English with which you speak. Speaking with fluency provides a boost with the knowledge you have.
  • General Knowledge: Along with the current affairs knowledge, one has have knowledge about a broader perspective. Past events, political figures, business mergers and acquisitions etc are some of the key areas to focus on. Referring to G.K books and searching over Internet are some of the options to build G.K

Facing the interviewer and greeting him is the first step. Handle each question calmly and with confidence. In case one does not know an answer just say u do not know it, never say anything unrelated. Let the interviewer see the confidence in the things that you are sure about. Also he will know that you will not make things up just to impress. As it is rightly said, talk to express and not impress. Therefore focus on what your goal is and answer why you want to MBA. Choose the specialization in which you want to build a career and not blindly follow others. Lastly, leave a thought in the interviewer’s mind as to why he should not choose you. This thought will make you get through the selection process and become a part of the institution.

Contributed by Anju Bafna, (Class of 2010, IBS BANGLORE)

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