It was during a evaluation of a project that I realized that I need to develop Financial management skills to get the cutting edge over other after having decent knowledge in the field of Engineering and hence I decided to quit my job and join MBA. It just started from a thought and my subordinates and mentors in JSW Steels encouraged me to go on with my decision, and then it was the time to bring the thought on ground reality and target a B-School, which not only give me a knowledge but also a competitive job profile during the placements wrt what I had in JSW Steels. And the name came out to be IBS-Mumbai.

IBS Mumbai

IBS-Mumbai course selection, teaching methodology, case studies, presentations, Summer Internship Program are the few points which differentiate it from the lot of B-Schools, and to add cherry on the top is the International Scholarship Program. International scholarship is something gave me the opportunity to go study the British market and something which was always in books in front of me viz. Globalization, came into reality. To study a very different market was itself a great experience and when you get the opportunity to get close to the Indian business giant in other country it gives immense pleasure, the business giant was Tata Group. During the tenure of the scholarship program we did a case study on Tata-JLR (Jaguar- Land rover) and also went for a industrial visit to their plant and see the practical application of what we had been studying in IBS-Mumbai.


The internship program that comes under the curriculum of IBS-Mumbai gives the opportunity to the students to get practical knowledge in the sector they want to work in, 3 months in a corporate world gives the real feeling how the things go and this also highlight the grey areas on which the candidate need to work on till he/she actually get placed.


The SIP placement, Final placement is something which would not be possible without having a dedicated Placement department which IBS-Mumbai have. The placement department takes care of each individual when it comes to the final placements and even in the case on SIP placements.

When we think of daily learning with joy, then SAP Department of the college comes into mind. The whole lot of theory we study in our Learning Halls can be applied here, and whose application is fairly rewarded.

For me it was great experience being associated with IBS-Mumbai & SAP as well for last two years.

Shashank Kapoor,
Batch 2012

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