10 movies every MBA aspirant must see

27-feb“All Study and no Fun will make jack a dull boy “is completely true saying for MBA students. Students aspiring for MBA’s often assume it to be a course of nightmare which if passed will give them handsome future. Many of them have heard the horrible stories of students only sleeping 5 hours a day which just bullshit. It’s actually a lot of fun too with practical experiences. They are given the chance to excel in whatever they are passionate about. Movies play a big role in their life; they act not only as an entertainer but also a great motivator and perception builder when one is too low or too bored. Some find solace; some find the lost laugh and some, the inspiration! Below is the listopedia of some of the movies that one must watch while preparing or doing the MBA course:

  1. Thank you for Smoking: A brilliant movie showcasing the power of soft skills and great pitch. It’s the story of Nick Naylor who is a tobacco lobbyist who with the power of his speech turns the table for the tobacco companies in their toughest situations and handling media converting problems into opportunities. Full entertainer!
  2. Ek Ruka hua faisla : An amazing movie that one can connect to the boardroom discussions. How can one man change the mind of the entire boardroom basis the power of reasoning? It’s a story of 12 men acting as a jury in the case of murder trial against a young boy. Out of twelve, eleven are convinced and found the boy guilty however one of them is doubtful and started putting questions on the floor taking it to an arousing level. Some may connect it with Hollywood movie “12 angry men” but this one taste good too. An exciting movie!
  3. Glengarry Glen Ross: Every industry faces the tough time in one of their course. This one is story of Chicago- Real Estate Office. Story revolves around five characters who are salesman and driven hard to sale the properties where the first prize is Cadillac and the third prize costing one’s job. An Eye opener for harsh sales life which still prevails in India.
  4. Guru: It’s a story of an aspiring entrepreneur who rises from the street of villages in Gujarat to becoming one of the biggest business tycoons. It has shown two sides of the man who indulges in corruption, lies and business politics as well right side being his handwork, willpower, positive attitude and persistence. A struggle many of the budding entrepreneurs will face too.
  5. Miracle: Based on a true story, it depicts the power of teamwork and compassion and how one man takes his time from nowhere to winning the game in the Olympics beating the best team in the world. For MBA students one could gauge it as creating a new team, challenges faced in putting them together and finally achieving the unachievable task. Later similar story happened in bollywood named as “Chak De” which was again a blockbuster.
  6. Rocket Singh: This movie is a story of many of us who dreams of starting its own company after some work experience at our jobs, however there is little diversion in this movie wherein our protagonist sees a gap in Post-sales services and understanding it as an opportunity starts his own company capturing the complete local market creating a brand of himself following the simple principles of life like honesty and getting the trust of customer. He does all this while working in similar company. An entertainer!
  7. Up in the Air: It’s a story of a private human resource consultant who is constantly on the run from one city to another firing people in good or bad way. It depicts his suitcase life which many of us aspire but also the loneliness which dwells within making our heart as poetic. The ironic part is that the he himself finds in the situation where his job is at stake. Quite an amazing movie showing the dark side of corporate one never wants to face.
  8. The Towering Inferno: It’s a story of a disaster happening in a building and how it is controlled with series of events unpredictable events happening. A classic case study on disaster management on how problems can knock on the doors unsaid and how with one’s courage, patience and acting right can help it curb it. Must watch for management students.   
  9. Wall Street: All the finance aspirants doing their MBA, this movie is a must watch. It’s a story of a stock trader who is more than willing to do anything in order jump up the ladder. He at one point is successful to achieve the top but then falls very steeply getting the lesson for the life. There are no shortcuts in life, even if it’s there, it’s not sustainable. This movie is followed by another sequel Wall Street: Money never sleeps which came after 23 years although was not as big hit as its former but this one had similar crux too.
  10. Lincoln: An amazing and true endeavor of the President Abraham Lincoln which made his name written in golden ink in the pages of the history. It’s the story of two wars, one, American Civil war which was spreading all over the America, majorly affecting the southern states and another war of Lincoln with his Congress Members convincing them ban slavery from United States. It’s a story of hardship, wit and wisdom how one man with his indomitable will convinces his counterparts leading them to pass a historic amendment that will change the world history. In organizations many times we feel it tough to impose that one idea getting friction from everywhere as people are averse to the change but when approached rightly can really make things work out. One thing our history has always taught us that the best ideas are always opposed initially and latter they have changed the picture.

 Hope this collection of movies add some value to our approached towards student, personal or professional lives that we live.

Contributed by Apurva Singhi (Class of 2011, IBS Hyderabad)

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