On the Thresh-hold of Corporate Life

The academic year in B Schools is coming to an end. Students in most B schools have been successful in securing placements . The knowledge and skills gained in the two years of the post graduate program will certainly be handy at the time when the students are embarking on their respective corporate careers. At this stage, I would like to share a quote with the students which will make them reflect on their attitudes, approach
and will make them aware of the realities of the world. This quote is attributed to Mr M Damodaran , former Chairman of SEBI , it reads thus,

“ Young MBAs think they have arrived . Yes, they arrive but only at the beginning of a long learning curve . A management qualification gives one an opportunity to learn.”

Fresh MBAs will find their qualification as a spring board in the corporate world. But a lot more learning has yet to take place. Application of the knowledge gained is very critical and that’s what is to be learned now onwards.

by Dr Dhananjay Keskar (Director, IBS Pune)

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