My Journey Of Finding Excellence

When people ask me about my college life at IBS-Ahmedabad, my answer is “Always busy, yet enjoying it”.

IBS-Ahmedabad campus has become my second home as i spend a lot of time here, exploring various things. Every aspect of a B-school life is perfectly taken care of at IBS.A great mixture of academics and extracurricular activities is what makes IBS class apart.

Starting from 9.30am to 7.00pm in the evening, students and faculties both indulge into working towards one simple goal of achieving excellence. Experienced and skilled faculties, Case based method of learning, Linking theories with reality and a strong conviction towards work are the weapons used here at IBS-Ahmedabad. The always happening environment of the campus keeps students so busy and active that they automatically learn to manage time. The first Quote which I heard at IBS-Ahmedabad was of Prof.Toby Mammen-“Life is Multi-Dimensional”. It seems like IBS is taking care of almost every dimension of a PGPM student.

Team work, the most crucial factor in everyone’s career, is a daily routine of IBS. I am learning a lot from working in teams and groups at IBS-A. Industrial visits, Live Projects and Field based Assignments are some of the largest knowledge resources provided at IBS. I thank all my faculties, seniors and colleagues for their constant support and motivation. I am feeling awesome being a part of a Legacy called IBS.

Contributed by Pankaj Baheti (Batch 2015, IBS Ahmedabad)

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