My Experience of the “Selection Process” at IBS Hyderabad

suchin kulshreshta copyThe selection process at IBS Hyderabad consists of Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). The final selection is based on previous academic record coupled with the candidate’s performance in GD and PI.

I was selected for ICFAI B School, Hyderabad few years back. Since selection process is coming near for the current year, want to share my experiences to help those who are going to appear in coming days.

  • Even though the reporting time was 7:00 AM, I reached at venue by 6:15 AM, so that I can be part of earlier Groups (A or B). Each group was consist of 10 members with varied experiences and bachelor degrees.

First Phase- GD:

I started my GD preparation seriously only after the IBSAT results. I used to read the newspapers and articles from various websites and magazines. I also prepared from the preparatory material provided by coaching classes. I had also enrolled for GD preparation in coaching classes, which helped me learn how to gather my thoughts and communicate them in a actual GD atmosphere.

But, an aspirant shouldn’t wait for results to be out to begin the preparation. Preparation for GD should begin at this very moment, because the earlier we start, the better. There are two vital criteria one should keep in mind while preparing for GD.

  1. Knowledge: It is very essential. Knowing about current affairs helps one accumulate points that can be put forward in GD. It would also help the aspirant come up with points to chip in when the GD is not going in right direction or when there is no different aspect to GD that can be provided.
  2. Communication: Just knowing the topic won’t help in a good performance. The importance of GD is communicating what you know. So listening and putting across the points in an understandable manner is equally important.
  • On selection day, the overall process was really smooth. There was no fish market and everyone got enough time to raise forward their points. The moderator/observer just gave us the topic to discuss and said we’ll get around 10-12 minutes to discuss, with a 1 minute in beginning to gather our thoughts. We were asked to summarize in the end. The group size was seven for my GD. The topic was “Political parties or voters; who are more responsible for criminalization of politics in India”. I had read a lot about politics and knew what points I wanted to raise. I gave a couple of examples from recent happenings. I had my view that both Political Parties and Voters in some way were responsible for the criminalization of politics and had points that supported this view. My logic was based on the fact that the voters are the one who elect political parties into power. Secondly, there are people who don’t vote or vote without knowledge which eventually result in wrong parties coming in power. Also, the false promises made by politicians was a concern, Where in the genuine voters are taken for a ride and the promises are not kept subsequently. The group was pretty much in unison with regard to the topic and there wasn’t any disagreement as such.

Second Phase- Interview:

Get well prepared. Go for versatile reading and mock personal interviews. Questions could be framed on your views expressed in GD. So be ready to effectively answer the probable questions based on your GD performance.

Enjoy the generic and specific questions in PI:

A top notch Business school personal interview can go for specific questions related to your work experience, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, your grasp on your favourite subject and the things you might have filled up in the form. There may be generic questions based on broad aspects like “ Tell about yourself”, “ How do you OR Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line”, “Why go for MBA after Engineering”, etc. Such questions make you a little relaxed since you already know what to put forth as the answer. However, the more important thing is your approach and how you respond to it.

For example the common question “Tell us about yourself” may not be answered by telling your bio-data, it is already available in the form you filled up. Repeating the same will be a waste of time creating a bad impression. Please also do not speak something stereotyped or something which appears having been practiced before the mirror number of times.

On the contrary, you could narrate some incident highlighting your personality but be brief. You could also answer like-Apart from the details in the form submitted; I am a quick learner and learn from mistakes. I believe in human values, a sharp and clear vision of life. I am confident enough that the various levels of learning that I have had till now and will have in this Institute will help me to bring out the finest of me which will enhance my competence, aptitude and skills.

Avoid Irritation

Don’t get at all irritated, come what may. Your interviewers have the capability of assessing you with your gestures, postures and the response you come with, to their very first question. The saying ‘First impression is the last impression’ is true to a large extent. When you face the interview, after the first few minutes the interview board is simply confirming itself of your first impression.

Avoid figurative communication

Use simple and communicative language in an effective manner.  Any wrong use of figurative and idiomatic language in conversation might get you deviated and put you in trouble. Sometimes the panelists could get deeper into the selection of your words asking for further explanation of the same. Hence it is better to avoid it.

Be skilful: Drive PI to your knowledge domain

Try to take the interview board to your domain of knowledge and skills.  When you answer a question, you may use such sentences and words on which the interview board gets curious but you are comfortable with the same. It depends on your skill how to mould the interview to your desired direction.  The opportunity is to be created by you while presenting the answers to their questions.

In view of the experts on PI preparation, the success will come once you know how to market yourself before the interview board. This is your approach to present yourself in the interview and the way you answer the questions, will secure your seat in your desired B-school and not the questions themselves.


Be confident. Prepare the generally asked questions properly and be honest about your opinions. Be aware of your surroundings and what’s going in the world and in India. Have your own opinions formed and be confident and firm on your stand taken. Learn to drive your interview to your areas you are strong in and make sure you know well about yourself, key interests and other relevant details mentioned in the form. Never ever lie in an interview as the professors are really smart and will get to know in a moment and will cross question you a lot until they find some discrepancies.

Contributed by Suchin Kulshrestha, (Class of 2008, IBS Hyderabad)

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