Multi tasking or single minded focus

Sachin Tendulkar, also known as God of cricket, wrote an article “the little steps matter” for Hindustan Times that summarised his journey till then in very simple words. Much to the surprise of many, there weren’t any success mantras, only few perspectives on keeping life simple and working with a single minded focus.

Single minded focus, what does that imply? With the kind of speed the world is operating at, is it really possible to think of single minded focus, let alone live your life with the concept! Is multi tasking not the order of the day?

So what works really? You may be facing this question if you are in job already or searching fr employment. The answer is that there is no fixed answer for anything! You can create success for yourself using both or any of the two concepts. You can choose to work with a single minded focus on a single task, assignment, project, number, vision, goal etc or you can choose to juggle between multiple things and switch from one to another without losing sight of the end result. What really makes a difference is you!

Multi tasking or single minded focus

Multi tasking means the ability to handle varied or interrelated tasks simultaneously. But if we dwell deeper we find that people who are good at achieving results with multi tasking actually work with a single minded focus. Does that mean there is some problem with our definition of multitasking? May be there is! Consider this then ‘multitasking is the ability to perform various tasks in a quick succession.’

Did you get some answers? All of us multitask, we talk while driving, we listen to music while cooking and we never complain about it. It doesn’t drain our energy, it doesn’t distract because perhaps they require an attention of lower order. Where is the problem then; when we have tasks that require a higher degree of attention?

Take the example of a sport like cricket. How effective would a player be who scores a run and gets ready to bowl the next ball or rushes to field at some place in the ground and then comes back to face the next ball. In fact we have many examples of people from cricket who decided at one point of time in their life that they would like to focus to more on one aspect than be a ‘jack of all trades’.

The choice is yours really. You are your best judge; you need to find out what works for you the most. This will take some time to test a concept and decide that works or doesn’t work for you. All the best for your quest!

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