Log Kya Kahenge has killed more dreams than anything else

LogI remember when I was really young my ambitions were based irrespective of “how much money would I make?” because those were the ambitions that directly came out of passion and love for that particular occupation. At once I wished to be an actor, being from a small town and raised among orthodox elders I was told that it is the computer who is playing those roles and such characters do not exist in actual. After this great theory I attempted to go inside the television as I started believing that there is a world inside the box. It just didn’t stop there, when I grew a bit more from a young 5 year old aspirant actor, I began to love to sing, from a bathroom to a full fledge birthday party in my locality, I used to just wait for someone to ask me to sing and I was just all over there. I remember me asking my parents if I can get some professional classes as I figured out a lady who taught ‘Shastiya Sangeet’. In return I got the list of incomplete homework and red grades earned in the past. Yes I was never into studies but that doesn’t define me now, but at that time it was the only criteria people would judge you. I remember once my aunt who always used to ask me to sing asked me “So what do you aim to be”, without any second thought I said “Singer” and she burst out laughing as if me singing professionally is bizarre thing ever. Then I was confused and disturbed, not about my aspirations, but the people I was surrounded with all my life. All my aspirations were either judged on my grade sheet by the people who have not been to school ever or considered irrational as they had not seen the lifestyle and opportunities that exists.

From what one aspires to be and always contradicted by “Log Kya Kahenge” is the reason that this country has lost some great talents that would have existed and celebrated but have been led down and professionally aborted by these three words. We do the best at what we love, even if it is from being a doctor to an artist. This country cannot have just some corporate working professionals highly available next door, that is the reason the professions like Engineers are hired in peanuts and the roads not taken like French convertor, stylists, Singers are paid heavily today. The moral of the story is that there exists undefined jealousy in the people towards you even if they do not know you or they are related to you through your parents(they are the most dangerous). So no matter whatever you wish to do or actually do professionally, these people will try to put you down. Well I am fortunate enough to figure out my way as a media professional and a Performer, escaping my roads from a small town confused person to what I am today. But that is what it actually takes “An Escape” “An Ignorance”. I remember when I got a break as a radio jockey and started performing as a vocalist with my ever first rock band, my parents were told by some carried away relatives of my dad that I must be consuming alcohol and having drugs and should concentrate on my studies. Well it came from those who haven’t crossed there towns ever and whose kids act like 50’s in their 20’s and cannot stand a content conversation, so was obviously worth an ignore. Had my parents taken it seriously I wouldn’t have been fortunate to have Big 92.7FM, Ogilvy and Mather, Star TV in my profile today.

Kya kahenge

When we start taking people seriously is the time we start giving up a bit of us to them. That does not mean that the world is against you, your true ones will be those who will seek their happiness in you being happy not their friends and relatives being in comfort with what you do. How does it matter? And why would one please the people one does not even know. We should all be ourselves till the time you are not paid some handsome amount for being something else. At the end of the day, not your acquaintance, society and relatives are going to feed you. It is you who is always going to stand up for yourself. Humans being the most dangerous species you would be surprised to see those people flipping their heads tomorrow for whom you gave up on your aspirations. Who wish to grow up to an old man I tell your grand children that you know what I wanted to be this but was led down by the neighbors so I chose to be this. OMG! Sounds like some dharmender’s 70’s dialogue.

It is just you and your parents who will stand by you all your life no matter you grow or you fail. In case some other people continue to be with you in your ups and downs all the way through out will be your real friends, never leave them. Rest everyone is going to come and go, judge and leave, misguide and enjoy the sycistic pleasure. During the young times it is easier to give up and blindly trust what people say or how they perceive certain things. But as we grow and life teaches its story we get to know that there exists a practical way which leads to our fairy tale but we have been guided by monsters we met on our way rather than fighting with them through our ignorance we trust them because of our innocence. So it is vital to be stiff on what we need to do. Give your ears to people and still do how you feel you should.

Dear friend, it’s a natural Indian mentality if you spend too much on a wedding people say “Zada Paisa hai” and if you keep the wedding simple same people say” Arrangement acha nahi hai”. Any which ways people will criticize what you do because of their insecurities so it’s better to bother them with what you love. Repect someone not basis the wrinkles earned by them rather respect someone basis what they are as a person. Life is too short to live it boring.

Contributed by Rahul Wadhwa (Class of 2013, IBS GURGAON)


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