Industry Needs more MBA’s

mba with workingAn industry operates in a dynamic environment, fragile conditions, stiff competition and scarce resources. It therefore needs individuals who can help maximise its collective purpose, provide direction and stay sustainable. The companies under the given industry have diversified goals too, each at different phases of life-cycle. Some have crossed the milestone; some have just carved them out and some even at the verge of collapse. It needs people who are aggressive, disciplined and willingness to support the mission and vision of the industry. It requires human resources who have a plan of action. It needs individuals who understand not only the conceptual knowledge of the industry but also know how to apply it at the right time. Industry ardently wants to absorb individuals who has a strategic bent of mind and simultaneously understands the value of time.

Currently Industry has a very strong recognition towards MBA as a professional course. The industry definitely understands the fact that MBA program ensures the individual has an excellent amount of exposure to complexity and uncertainty. It knows the MBA provides industry experience, business experience and most importantly managerial experience. Such rich aspects provide a higher degree of expertise and a strong compatibility to diversified roles. Industry recognises the fact that MBA grooms the candidates skill set, brings strong behavioural changes, and provides a strategic perspective. One of the aspects that have always been widely applauded is the fact that MBA program provides a managerial instinct which is extremely important across the industry.

Solid Grounding in concepts, terminology and techniques: The industry is growingly recognising the fact that MBA’s have already been distilled with most concepts that are crucial for the execution of their role. They are well versed with the framework of business which helps them navigate complex business problems in a more efficient way. Their style of management brings externals into confidence. There is an ease of doing business with them as they are well versed with the aspects which are crucial in business meetings, client meetings, deal execution etc. It is therefore but natural, their added knowledge and understanding provides favourable impact on the business. Their indulgence and association provide strong support both directly and indirectly to the company.

Cost reduction & Recruiters Preference: There is growing need for MBA and that is why we see so many companies reiterating the fact that their talented employees, who do not hold MBA degree, go through company sponsored MBA programs. In fact some companies have their own institute teaching their employees about MBA. Such companies find MBA a great support in their business. When companies get candidates who have already been absorbed into the MBA course, it reduces their cost of sponsoring for an MBA. Just not that it saves a lot of their time too. The need for MBA is reinforced when many recruiters prefer MBA as their first choice. One of the primary eligibility criteria has become MBA qualification. The industry which currently is in an up-trend, the need for MBA has further skyrocketed.

MBA graduates as recruiters first preference.

Avoiding pitfalls of business & Adding Value: Industry has also seen that MBA’s have already been exposed to a good amount of case studies of various established and innovative companies. They know the case-studies have been specifically streamlined on various aspects which can help the industry. Company knows MBA provides a strong learning curve to the candidate which if applied on their current business will help avoid various pitfalls which could otherwise be not known. MBA’s critical thinking helps business in various ways: Identifying threats and opportunities. Their applied knowledge from case studies not only help in filling the voids and gaps in the business but also help in adding value to the company. Sometimes their ideas help reengineer the business process and help recast the model in ways which otherwise would not have been possible.

Entrepreneurial attitude: Industry needs people who are self-motivated and have entrepreneurial attitude, one who can be self starter and go-getter. They need employees who have an attitude to get things done at the right time and in the right way. They need people who can understand the business and can manage things with least supervision. The industry knows MBA’s main propaganda is to make entrepreneurs. This comes as a big support for both the established companies and the one who has just taken a step in the industry. MBA with entrepreneurial attitude has a passion for work and a flair for success who work beyond the comfort zone. Such traits have not been missed by the industry and are one the aspects why Industry still wants to embrace MBA’s.

Global Approach & Multi-industry factors: MBA program is streamlined in such a way that both local and global aspects are introduced to the candidates. The candidates therefore have a global business perspective and have a higher tendency to provide comprehensive views. Therefore their working environment is not limited to domestic shores and this provides industry a confidence that MBA’s have a potential beyond the confines of the geographical parameters. Further to this, the diversity of MBA’s in terms of knowledge on multiple industries is extremely important. In today’s world, different industries are linked together and dependent on each other and having knowledge of different industries act as a catalyst for the company and the industry itself. This makes MBA’s more appealing to various industries.

MBA is a professional course with a lot of weight-age to ones life career. Its recognition is spreading far and wide and getting merged globally. Companies have been recognising it and have made it visible that they would definitely prefer MBA. More and more MBA candidates are being offered good post in renowned companies which again reiterates that MBA’s are strongly preferred. As the industry grows so does their operational aspects and so does the role gets challenging. MBA’s have therefore keeping pace with this dynamic roles and have stood shoulder-to-shoulder, showing competencies. For many it may still be hard to swallow that MBA is one of the preferred eligibility criteria for companies but the reality has been encouraging as more and more companies are coming out to recruit MBA graduates as their first preference.

Contributed by Mitesh Agarwal  ( Class of 2011, IBS HYDERABAD )

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