Glimpses from Ibs Bangalore

We have just completed a month long competition in Human Resources at
IBS Bangalore. It seems as though a lot of time was spent but it was worth the experience as it instilled in us, the nuances of Human Resources Management in an environment which IBS Bangalore could give. The bright idea was conceived by our faculty for Human Resources, Dr. Uma Sreedhar to bring about a learning which students could get only from Industry Experts.

Recently we wrapped up a month long event in the area of HRM. Inter class
Competitions were held where we were needed to present Harvard Business Review articles, review Books and analyze the HR Industry. I must confess that it was one of the most enriching and exciting experiences to work in the presence of industry experts. For example we presented our views on the ‘IT sector and its HR practices’, to the Chief People Officer of Symphony Services which also involved the task of giving recommendations on how to improve the sector.

Though we were jittery initially, we settled down very quickly as our eagerness to learn got the better of our anxiety! Eventually we came out smarter, brighter and definitely stronger, ready to face the industry challenges.

Contributed by Soumya Ramesh (Class of 2013, IBS Bangalore)

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