Celebrate Decisions

I have always been happy about IBSAF and this blog is another way to connect with IBS – our Alma mater.  A pioneer in introducing practical pedagogy, some of which is been benefitting me even today – during the most difficult times of my career graph. Yes. As I write this – I am still struggling to make it large after an industry experience of almost 6 years. I am an entrepreneur. But the journey has been pleasant (with its own – ups and downs). That just means, the journey is been quite a learning experience.

Whatever we do, our decisions hold great importance and impact. Decision to be an entrepreneur is as difficult and important as a decision to join management studies. DO not get influenced – explore yourself and find out what suits you best. Is it management – do you see yourself excelling, growing, and celebrating? If you could, this is the thing for you. Similarly, while opting out and making a new choice – do the same thing. Be it choosing a course or walking out of an office to start something on your own. Check your possibilities and check the available options.

And remember! This isn’t going to be easy. But it is about making choices, it is your decision and you need to stick to it. Celebrate your decisions to celebrate life.

(Post by Jigyasa Laroiya, alumna of class of 2006, IBS Bangalore). Jigyasa began her entrepreneurial journey with her Brand & Retail Consultancy firm 30TH FEB. She is also empanelled as a Resource Person with CEDNER – IIM Shillong since 2008. 

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