Are you ready to become a manager?

Now that the selection process and admission formalities are complete the path to MBA is almost clear. The aim of this post is to inform the latest batch of students regarding things they can expect from an MBA college and degree.

Mental preparation before a master’s degree is of utmost importance. This comprises of your personal goals/objectives as well as expectations from an MBA course. It is vital that a student is in the right frame of mind and well prepared before joining the course as MBA is known to be a grueling endeavour. However the reputation that precedes the course is mainly due to the sudden barrage of information and umpteen options available. If a student is mentally prepared regarding his own goals and what he expects from the course, these two hectic years could turn out to be a very pleasant affair.

Before starting the course it is advisable that every student maps out his objectives from the course and makes an action plan clearly stating where he sees himself after completing MBA, as well as 5 years down the line. An action plan like this will help guide a student during tough decisions like which specialization to choose and which companies to apply for during placements. This action plan need not be a detailed 50 page document, it can be as concise or elaborate as you see fit. The rationale for this exercise is that students are ill prepared while joining an MBA.

Preparation for entrance exams requires brushing up on various techniques and topics, whereas preparation for the MBA course deals with being aware of your needs and expectations from the course and those expectations being translated to your daily activities. Once the course is in full swing there is hardly any time to prioritize your activities or contemplate on any issue. Though the word ‘pressure’ is used freely, if a student is clear about his course of action he will not be burdened by this pressure.

Start by listing out your skills, hobbies, interests etc and how these can be transformed into a career. Focus is something that is lacking amongst the students and a few early steps can be very helpful in guiding your future decisions. Once you have listed down your personal interests and desires, map it against the course and see how you can avail maximum benefit from your course/college. In terms of resources and infrastructure there will never be a scarcity during MBA, however unless a student is clear about what he wants these resources will be underutilized. So take some time out for yourself and understand the implications of being a manager in two years time.

In terms of essentials that you will need for your hostel rooms, everything will be available on campus in IBS Hyderabad. Starting from mattresses, toiletries, curtains to snacks and beverages you will find everything on campus. So make good use of the time left before the course starts and good luck on your journey to becoming successful managers of the future!

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