Editorial Guidelines

Guidelines for the Writers.
  1. Proof read, edited, original contributions, should not have been posted anywhere in the past.
  2. Focus on one idea per blog post.
  3. List a takeaway at the end of the blog post.
  4. Your contribution should be related to IBS or MBA education.
  5. Write as if you are talking with / addressing a single person.
  6. Write short sentences and paragraphs not exceeding 4 – 5 lines.
  7. For a 1000 word posts. Don’t think of a 500 word post padded out with fluff words. Think of a 3,600 word post trimmed down to its essence. 
  8. Mention who this post is for (beginner, intermediate or advanced user). This need not be mentioned in the post itself but can be sharing while sending the article.
  9. To make the writing process efficient. It is advised to come up with topics for a month of writing – usually four times the number of articles you plan to submit, and then move ahead with writing. Share this in last week of preceding month. (For example, share topics for March, during last week of Feb).
  10. Use quotes and reference research. The text based on research and quote should not exceed 15% of the article length.
  11. The article that you contribute cannot be re-posted / published elsewhere.
  12. In case of multiple contributions, please make sure that there is no duplicate content or repeating of ideas across blog posts.
  13. Use real world examples.
  14. Avoid using adverbs.
  15. Use active voice wherever possible.