10 Skills an Mba Program Should Give You

Right education helps people grow.

Aim of professional education is to impart knowledge and skills, using which an individual contributes to work and society and earns his/her livelihood.

A good MBA program/management education should enrich you with following skills.

  1. Academic Skills: A basic understanding of business and business environment, high market awareness and tools and techniques used in business. Ability to put these skills to use for results.
  2. Communication: Yes, the industry expects an MBA pass out to have a strong hold over communication. He should be able to listen, speak clearly and write in fluent language (English is always an advantage) internally as well as with the external customers (clients, vendors, government).
  3. Decision making: Ability to take decisions after carefully weighing all the options. Their efficiency in decision making will result from their ability to gather information and then have clarity of purpose and courage in taking decisions.
  4. Analytical Skills: The ability to find information and troubleshoot continually, being able to separate the relevant information from what is not required.
  5. Result orientation: Ability to design and undertake activities / processes that are result oriented. Setting goals for self and team and achieving them in time.
  6. Commitment: Sincerity towards work and identifying the purpose of it. Doing and getting things done as promised or as they ought to be.
  7. Perseverance: Being able to understand that success demands a lot of work. Putting efforts continually and not giving up. Looking at ‘what’s possible?’ all the time, working on opportunities, creating opportunities, being self driven – not waiting for instructions.
  8. Team Work: Crucial for organisational and individual success. Ability to work with other people in the organisation. Appreciate cultural, ethnic differences and synergise team activities. Having the capacity to identify talent in other people and placing them at the right place.
  9. Technology Skills: Thorough understanding of various IT tools and technologies and ability to use them for gaining a competitive advantage. Being able to use various statistical packages (like SPSS), PowerPoint, spreadsheets and databases.
  10. Leadership: Ability to inspire others and keeping others motivated. Identifying talents and using them appropriately for their individual and organisational growth and development.

Good luck!

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