10 Quickies for New Entrants to Corporate.

10As the MBA course progresses towards its end, would-be managers gear themselves for entering the corporate world which is often referred to the big bad world of pressure, deadlines, money, power, politics and smart work. Often, it is seen that students referred as ‘fresher’ end up committing blunders during their first jobs, due to lack of their awareness about this new world. Hence, I bring to you 10 quickies or say ‘vaccinations’ for new entrants to the industry, so that they feel more confident and comfortable in this new environment.

  1. Knowledge and Experience are Above a Degree

Till now, you have been learning subjects in a course format but in the corporate, the scenario is very different from theory of the books. A degree is an acknowledgement of a certain level of knowledge but job and work are about implementing and grasping more knowledge. Your MBA professors will always tell you to focus on the content of your PPT’s but the corporate will always be interested in figures as well as conclusion from your presentation. Do not argue with your boss even if you have complete knowledge because this makes him feel inefficient and that harms you in long run.

  1. Money is Crucial

Money is crucial not just for you but also for the companies employing you. Whenever you present bills, expenditure, projections and quotes, companies expect them to be lowest or say minimal. Remember businesses are not just about profits but money invested, used, earned, spent and the returns on them. For you money is salary, but for employers or companies, money is fuel that affects, boosts or slows its growth and progress. Never ever think of mismanaging funds because getting caught makes you lose management’s trust; harms your moral character and reduces your credibility.

  1. Need to Appreciate Health

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A lot of my friends tell me about their Vitamin-D deficiencies that occur because they are indulged in table work for more than 7 hours a day and do not get adequate exposure to sunlight. Moreover, due to excessive junk food and alcohol consumption; many face weak digestive systems and poor organ health. Hence, one has to really remember to include de-stressing techniques, exercise or stretching, exposure to sunlight, proper hydration and diet etc to remain healthy.

  1. Work-life Balance

This might sound futile but remember the fact that your parents grow old and require your time and attention while you dedicate your life to your work. Your spouse constantly needs your care, support and advice through different stages of his/her life. You must understand that your child needs you throughout his childhood for guidance, support and love because once you retire and have time for them, you will realize that their childhood is over. Further, there is no need to stick to office for socializing after working hours when you have a family that needs you more than them. Please do not carry office work to your residence!

  1. Worry is Futile

A lot of corporate-entrants carelessly invite stress to their lives. In such cases they must learn from sales people on the job who treat stress like daily appetizers and remain stress free. Remember the management has nothing to do with how much stress or worry you carry for your work or personal life. They want you to do maximum work with a peaceful mind and worry only affects your productivity. Remember, we all love our first job, but it is not the only job in the world; something worth worry or suicide attempt. We all make mistakes in our first jobs and learn from them.

  1. Holistic Success Belief

Management doesn’t ever appreciate employee’s self-centered progress decisions and looks for win-win situation for its employees and itself. Any decision of yours that invites an individual gain will never be liked by the company unless it is a decision regarding improvement in their process, their product etc. that would bring them greater profits. One must be company-centric and believe in the one’s success in the company’s success and growth. Do not overpromise if you want to remain a positive employee in management’s view. Try to achieve greater than expected.

  1. Enjoying Minute Refreshments

You must let go of all high expectations and respect the little retreats and refreshments planned by your company. An aggressive sales company I worked for had employees who were always running for targets, facing failures or success but most people remained calm and waited anxiously for the month of April when they would be invited to company’s private party and July when they were taken for a movie. Jobs are not about very gigantic surprises but about finding happiness in small things.

  1. Non Personal Friendships

I tell this theory of mine, time and again in my write-ups that personal life and corporate life are different. Do not mix your personal life with professional life because both are neither similar nor comparable. These are 2 parallel lives demanding clarity. Remember an office colleague must remain an office friend who cannot become a best friend till the time either leaves the company. Bringing office people into personal life risks your privacy and brings in insecurity of disclosure at office, which you might not want. Don’t let people know your weaknesses so that they remain unaware of your other side of life and can’t capitalize on them at office. Learn from the US culture, they have logic behind segregating the two.

  1. Excuses Don’t Work

All of your valid reasons transform into excuses in the corporate. The people in corporate really are concerned with why the work wasn’t done, no matter how valid reason you give. It is simple, your senior will be only concerned getting the work in time and not with why wasn’t your work done and who will do it? His focus will be on judging your genuine efforts to complete the work. All your manager would expect is productivity, punctuality, completeness and delight every time so that he can do his work and delight further.

  1. Management is not Emotional

Management has the least amount of space for your family duties, problems etc. You might feel that I am talking heartlessly about machines but you will feel that there is a devoid of emotions like sympathy in corporate world. The only emotions that are valued are remaining inspired, dedicated, motivated such that you can continue to deliver expected results. At times you may feel hurt in uncontrollable and emotional situations but you would be only responded with surface level or say minimal emotions and understanding.

Contributed By : Chayan Jain (Class of 2011-2013, IBS Hyderabad).

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